Play How to Raise a Dragon

Do you know what is a dragon? Well, let me explain about it, the dragon is a beast that is a majestic, impressive and grand. The truth about his life and death is very interesting. This game How to Raise a Dragon is created by X.R Quilliam which is his definitive work. It describes all that we know about this great publisher.
In this amazing game How to Raise a Dragon, the player has options to choose every side and aspect of the dragon’s life. You are free to become a cruel and oppressive ruler, a wild guardian, a magician, and many other characters that are unique and special. Press the arrow keys, left, right, down, and up to control this game. You can perform moving by pressing these 4 keys. Learn these controls correctly and start enjoying.

How to Raise a Dragon

Exciting Scary Maze Game

Looking for a game that has scary scenes and also can provide you a fun related to mazes? Well, Scary Maze Game can be your best choice to play and enjoy. The major things that make this game more different from other online games are three, quality, video, and sound. Yes, its quality is amazing, its sounds effects are mind blowing, and its video effect can make you crazy. Once you start it, you will feel difficulty in closing it without completing successfully.
I don’t say it will keep you excited from the beginning to the ending point, I am sorry, but you will feel that the game is very boring when you start it for the first time, but as long as you go ahead in this game, the interesting levels and feature will unlock and then you will be surprised.

Scary Maze Game

Let me know where are my bunnies

What would be if you were a farmer? Do you love being farmer? Have you any idea how to perform in this field? Are you ready to be one of them who live as farmers? We invite you to play this game in which the player will be a good, expert, and perfectly working former and your goal will be catching all the bunnies and do it quickly before they start destroying everything. Actually, the former will catch them, you just have to help him by using different and several traps and objects.
After you have played it, don’t forget to share you comments with us and must tell your friend about this game including likes and dislikes about the game as well as share your experience while playing it. I believe you will love it once you completed it.

where are my bunnies

Many game on Scary Woo site

This is not a game, but there are many games under the name of Scary Woo. Play at So let me know somethings about you, are you a player that like to see scary scenes and other stuff? Are you able to look the characters that have a dangeruous appearance? If your answer is positive, then you should try Scary Woo games. When you play those games be careful and avoid touching the mazes or walls. Play these game and prank the friends with many exorcist faces.
Actually scary woo is a web site and its address is It contains many games such as find the difference, cheese maze game, scary puzzle game, bubble wrap game, scary flappy bird, Justin Bieber maze game, scary maze game DX, scary maze game 4, scary maze game 5, underwater maze game, paceman maze game, scary needle game, scary maze game 2, and much more.


Learn Tactical Assassin 2 Cheats

Looking for an article written about Tactical Assassin 2 Cheats? Well, let me explain something about the cheats used in the 2nd version of Tactical Assassin. Actually this version is really one of those games that are actually unique. The basic and premise of this game is fun and it has a different concept that is attached to it. A lot of maneuvers have been inserted into this game as well, but it doesn’t mean that it has low quality than other counterparts. At the same time, its quality almost is able to challenge its other rivals.
Of course, what we said only means that this version is also very hard to handle and beat. A bit difficulty is attached and involved in this game, so play accordingly. Detailed cheats have explained on the link that we have inserted above.

Tactical Assassin 2 Cheats

Save the kidnapped person in MORT the Sniper 2

Enjoy this 2nd version as I am sure you will like it because as far as I know many people liked its first version and that was played thousands of times in a few days. In this 2nd installment, you are going to fight against evil creatures. Fighting is important in this game, but most important thing that must be kept in mind is how can you remain yourself safe from your enemies.
You will find many links that are created just to teach the players how to play. If the mission that you started, fails to complete, you have to start it again. Start from the point you have left and you have no need to reload the full game again. One of your missions is retrieving the kidnapped person also, which is very important to you.

MORT the Sniper 2

Shoot carefully in apple shooter

The game apple shooter is a dream of every online gamer and every player is willing to play it. In this game, you have to shoot an apple placed on your friend’s head and you must shoot without giving too many scratches on the head of that friends.The game looks like a job of a real marksman. Play the game and your dream will become real after trying it. Visit its official site to find more games. You can play it in your free time to enjoy much fun even it’s very simple.
You will need one thing to control the game and that is your mouse. Make sure to be careful when you shoot, because if any mistake occurs by you, it will lead your friends to be labeled as the Worlds Words Friend instead of the best friend.

apple shooter

Play with others in Platform Racing 3

Looking to play with your friends because you and your friends like racing games? Platform Racing 3 is for you. The game provides you to show your racing skills so try to beat the friends. The controls that can be used to play this game, are D, A, W, S, Right arrow, left arrow, Up arrow and the Down arrow. These all controls can be used to move the character and jump. Make sure to read an article on how to use the controls by visiting this site
If you are interested in playing using the multi-player mode, try it, where you will find three versions, so choose one of them that suits you and your friends.

Platform Racing 3 (3)

Jump higher in Icy Tower Online

Do you want to show your skills? Icy Tower Online is a game where you can display and show the skills you have to your friends and family. This game was published on 6th of Jan, 2012. The game has been viewed and played over 7000 times and has gained rating of 80% after over 70 votes.
You will need to help the Harold and jump as high up as you can, so make sure to jump perfectly along the way so that way you can activate the combo mode and also it will help you score higher. You can compete with friends and unlock new towers. A great chance to earn a lot of trophies and high valued coins.
Icy Tower Online

Learn how to play Strike Force Heroes walkthrough

There are many levels in Strike Force Heroes walkthrough. The first level consists of a character of the medic, which will have to perform. This first level is quite easy where you will need to complete 15 skills before you finish it. Don’t worry, you will be given a teammate, that has the ability to use the skills in the higher levels. If you want to know how many level this game has, and what are those, please click this link to get all information.

The 2nd level is Rebellion. Once you have reached this level, you will find yourself placed and located in a village. You will see a lot of deaths of your soldiers that would be used to complete the mission. This level is also an easier level, but a bit harder than first.


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