Win all matches in Metal Mayhem: World Tour

Are you fond of action games? Do you love car fighting? Then you will surely love Metal Mayhem: World Tour. In this game, your weapon is your car. Be prepared for you will be facing dangerous opponents in dangerous arenas. Your main goal is to destroy all your legitimate warrior opponents. Take note that your time is limited so you have to destroy them fast. Do your best to win each and every match. You have to earn money in the fight.

Metal Mayhem World Tour (1)

Use your hard earned money in buying new trucks and cars. And if you have earned enough, you can upgrade your cars with stronger weapons, reloaded armors and a many more. To control your car, use the arrow keys for directions. Letter Z key is for switching weapons, Letter X key is for drifting and Letter C key is for shooting.

Unlock the Survival mode in Defend Your Nuts 2

Looking for a game for relaxation and fun? Play Defend Your Nuts 2 and enjoy defending your nuts. It is an addicting defense tower game where you are a squirrel. At the start of the game, you have bow and arrow. Shoot all incoming enemies before they approach your tree and nuts. Collect coins and ammos by hovering over it. Collect the sack bag too at the end of each day. It contains objects that will help you in your defense.

As you play on, additional enemies will come and you will be able to gain more weapons and rescue bunnies too. These bunnies can help you in defending your nuts. You will be defending your nuts for twenty five days. Update your weapons and bunnies to make your defense stronger. On the final day, you will have to defeat the powerful boss and his minions to unlock Survival mode.

Defend Your Nuts 2 (5)

Guard and protect your territory in Battle City 1

Are you familiar with the video game called Battle Tanks? If yes, then you will surely be glad to know the topic of this article that you are reading, scanning and skimming at the moment. The good news is that there is an upgraded version of the mentioned game. It is called Battle City 1. The 90’s game has been popular with the action that it brought to players in the past. Due to the high technology’s effect, this has been enhanced and upgraded into an exciting one in the medium called Battle City 1.

This has a great story in it which where the title came from. The castle is in great invasion by enemies with lots of tanks lurking the area. It is your goal as the player to protect your castle with the help of your friend. You will have to utilize the given tanks in defeating and eliminating the enemy tanks. Your success in this game will depend on your strategic and logical thinking and execution. Play now for free and have a blast!

Battle City 1 (1)

Reach the green flags in Vex 1

Are you looking for something exciting and entertaining? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely love the topic that this article is presenting at the moment. This article is about a flash game called Vex 1. This is a platformer game as well as the inaugural edition from the game series with the same title minus the number one on it. This game features a stick man that will have to go through different platforms and reach the green flags.

Your main goal as the gamer is to safely and completely reach the safe area where the green flags are located. But doing such goal is tough because there are hindrances or obstacles set up in the game to challenge your strategies and skills. There are ten levels in this inaugural game where the first five are categorized as easy ones while the remaining are tough levels.


An insane and crazy racing experience in Coaster Racer 2

If there is one type of theme park ride that is exhilarating and exciting, it would be the Roller Coaster. There are three factors why it is a must-ride rides in theme park. First factor is the track that it is travelling which is not only upside down but also in different angles. Second factor is the adrenaline that it brings towards the people who are riding it. Last factor is the excitement it brings to an individual at the moment he or she is riding and going towards crazy angles and tracks. Do you know that there is a racing flash game that features the design of a roller coaster track? Yes, there is! It is called Coaster Racer 2.

This is the second edition from the successful series created by Longanimals. The player’s mission in this game is to race againsts 16 opponents over the insane coaster tracks. Be fast enough to finish the tracks in the first place. In order to be successful with this game, you should be able to unleash great controlling and driving skills. Try to engage with it at


Race against the time and others in Moto Rush

Moto Rush is a flash game about racing in different vehicles. This is created and developed by Iriysoft and AddictingGames. It has been giving great fun and adventure since 2008. There are three things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the great graphics and designs that are appealing to the eyes. Second are the vehicles that you can ride on the race. Third is the great challenging game play. Your mission in this game is to win races in different tracks.

Moto Rush (4)

There are four vehicles that you can ride or drive such as motorbike, hoverboard, monster truck and bear. The last two vehicles are locked and you can only unlock them if you are able to acquire the required points. There are two modes in this game which are timed and challenge mode. On the former, you have to finish the track in the fastest time possible while on the latter, you have to defeat three other racers to win.

Get along with retro people in Rich Cars 5

Car is one of the most precious investments that most people are utilizing and some people are dreaming about. There are three reasons why. First is because of the fact that a car is very beneficial in terms of transportation. Second is because it simply takes one from a place to another. Last is because it saves energy in terms of comparison with walking and driving although the former is a good way of exercising.


Rich Cars 5 is the fifth installment from the game series called Rich Cars. It is now being presented in this article. This is about racing using vintage and expensive cars. Your mission as the player is to get along with other rich car racers. You have to be quick and precise because there are police that are chasing you for the fact that some of the rich cars are stolen from their original owners. Try it for free now and have a blast racing.

Strengthen your defense in Random Defence

Are you familiar with strategy games? They are games that are all about unleashing the players’ techniques and tactics. There are three great things about playing this type of game. First is because it is entertaining which is the main objective or goal of entertainment mediums, especially, flash games. Second is because it is a good way to test one’s skill and strategy in surviving different situations. Last is because of the fact that it enables one’s development be at a head start that can be used in the near future.

Random Defence (1)

This article presents one good example and it is called Random Defence. The mission of the players who will be embarking on this adventure is to stop the creeps and random stuffs pass by your area. Make sure that you will be able to put strategical defense to hinder their passage. This is perfect for gamers who want challenge and tough game play.

Finish all the levels with flying colors in Return Man 2

Return Man 2 is the second installment from the game series called Return Man. This is a game about football. Before going on the main topic, let us briefly discuss two reasons why the sport of Football is very popular around the world. First is because of the fact that it is a team sport where many can join and develop their level of competitiveness and team spirit. Second is because of the tough game objective or goal which is to make a touchdown because there are struggles or obstacles present on your way.

Since Return Man 2 is the second installment from the series, there are new features to look forward to such as the number of stages to be played which is 15. The main goal of the player is to reach the yellow circle in time to catch the ball and bring it to the end zone and create the touchdown. Beware of the blockers and kickers that are trying to slow you down.


Score for your great team in Return Man Unblocked

Sports are very important in our life because of three reasons. First is because of the fact that they keep us healthy, alive and pumped up. Second is because they can serve as leisure activity or a competitive one depending on one’s preference. Last is because there are good things to develop or improve when engaging on a sport such as camaraderie, team work and sportsmanship which is important not only on the field but also in life. This article presents a great flash game entitled Return Man Unblocked. Go to the site now and have a blast playing.

Return Man 1

This is a new offering from the game series called Return Man. This is about American Football. Your goal as the player of this game is to be the start player of a football team. You will be the one catching the ball and making a touchdown at the end zone. Make sure that you will be able to avoid the blockers and obstacles on the field.


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