Strengthen your defense in Random Defence

Are you familiar with strategy games? They are games that are all about unleashing the players’ techniques and tactics. There are three great things about playing this type of game. First is because it is entertaining which is the main objective or goal of entertainment mediums, especially, flash games. Second is because it is a good way to test one’s skill and strategy in surviving different situations. Last is because of the fact that it enables one’s development be at a head start that can be used in the near future.

Random Defence (1)

This article presents one good example and it is called Random Defence. The mission of the players who will be embarking on this adventure is to stop the creeps and random stuffs pass by your area. Make sure that you will be able to put strategical defense to hinder their passage. This is perfect for gamers who want challenge and tough game play.

Finish all the levels with flying colors in Return Man 2

Return Man 2 is the second installment from the game series called Return Man. This is a game about football. Before going on the main topic, let us briefly discuss two reasons why the sport of Football is very popular around the world. First is because of the fact that it is a team sport where many can join and develop their level of competitiveness and team spirit. Second is because of the tough game objective or goal which is to make a touchdown because there are struggles or obstacles present on your way.

Since Return Man 2 is the second installment from the series, there are new features to look forward to such as the number of stages to be played which is 15. The main goal of the player is to reach the yellow circle in time to catch the ball and bring it to the end zone and create the touchdown. Beware of the blockers and kickers that are trying to slow you down.


Score for your great team in Return Man Unblocked

Sports are very important in our life because of three reasons. First is because of the fact that they keep us healthy, alive and pumped up. Second is because they can serve as leisure activity or a competitive one depending on one’s preference. Last is because there are good things to develop or improve when engaging on a sport such as camaraderie, team work and sportsmanship which is important not only on the field but also in life. This article presents a great flash game entitled Return Man Unblocked. Go to the site now and have a blast playing.

Return Man 1

This is a new offering from the game series called Return Man. This is about American Football. Your goal as the player of this game is to be the start player of a football team. You will be the one catching the ball and making a touchdown at the end zone. Make sure that you will be able to avoid the blockers and obstacles on the field.

Control your cat in Nyan Cat

Most of us are very conscious with the food we eat and the things we do. It is understandable since we are getting the importance of exercising and a balanced diet. It is important that we look at the food we eat and the exercise we do in order to achieve healthy and fit body. But do you know that there is a flash game that incorporates a cat that doesn’t care about its figure. It wants to eat a lot of sweet food mostly, desserts. The name of the game is Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cat (3)

This is a new game created by Curiobot and is released in 2015. The mission of the player is to control and guide the cat that releases rainbow on its butt. The ultimate goal is to keep the cat happy by letting it eat sweet foods such as cupcakes and candies while avoiding vegetables that might lose you one life from the three lives given in each attempt.

Be a champion trainer in Duck Life 6

Are you up for a fun but challenging game? If your answer is a yes, then you are ready to know and experience the flash game called Duck Life 6. This particular game is the sixth installment from the game series called Duck Life. This series has been known for incorporating or infusing the feathery animal which is a duck. The great thing about this game is that it continues that story.

Duck Life 6 (1)

The player will be the trainer of a duckling that must win in the championship arena. But before the duckling can achieve the trophy, it must be well-trained in climbing, swimming, flying and running. If it is ready, then it can battle other ducks in the championship cup. There are five cups to enjoy and each has different prize at stake. Make sure that your duck will reign supreme and be the champion duck. Collect coins and earn rewards now!

Protect the carrots in Carrot Fantasy 2 Desert

Carrot is one of the healthiest vegetables or root crops existing in this world. There are many benefits that mankind has been getting from this vegetable. One is the fact that this is a great source of vitamin a which is essential for good eyesight. It is also a good additional ingredient in different sumptuous dishes possible. But do you know that there is a flash game that incorporates this root crop? Yes, there is. The title of the game is Carrot Fantasy 2 Desert.

Carrot Fantasy 2 - Desert

This is already the second installment from the game series called Carrot Fantasy. This is a defense tower games where players should provide great defensive system in order to protect their goods. The goal of the players in this second edition is to protect the carrots from the hungry monsters trying to eliminate the beneficial vegetable. Use the turrets strategically in order to avoid the monsters from reaching in on the location of the carrots. There is a best site to find this game online.

Fight them all in Leave Me Alone

If you are looking for a game to just relax and be free from all of the stress at work or home, you will surely enjoy playing Leave Me Alone flash game. It is a simple yet fun-full game. All you need are the four arrow keys from your keyboard to play this game. Your goal is to keep your position in the middle of the crossing. Zombies and goblins are coming to you from four directions.

Leave Me Alone

Use the arrow keys to send the incoming hits and kick them out when they get near you. You have to be quick though because they are coming quicker and almost simultaneously from the four directions as you progress. Kick out as many zombies and goblins as you can. Challenge yourself to beat your own high score. And score as high as you can to unlock more characters.

Prove your skills in Rich Cars 4

Rich Cars game series is about criminals driving vintage cars in a race. You will play as one of these criminals and get the chance to drive different vintage vehicles. In Rich Cars 4, you will get to drive more vintage cars in unusual roads with various types of ramps and paths. Prove your skills and show off your newly acquired vehicles. Select the game mode based on the challenge you like.


The Story Mode is where you find the primary objective and story of the game. In the Challenge Mode, you will have to complete the challenges to get achievements and bonuses. The achievements can be viewed in the Achievement Menu. And the third game mode is the Rich Mode where you are tasked to collect as many gems and riches as possible but only in a certain period of time. Know more in about this game in

Beat yourself in Monster Truck Trials

You will definitely enjoy the games of Monster Truck if you like racing games. And dare yourself to make dare devil stunts in Monster Truck Trials. Test your capabilities and see if you can do all the challenges given. See if you can set a new high score with every challenge. Worry not if you fall badly. Your monster truck will not be scratched at all for this vehicle is actually made for dangerous stunts and tumbling.

Monster Truck Trials (2)

Big foot cars are made strong; they would not easily break even when they fall down upside down. Use the arrow keys to drive; up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to reverse, left arrow to lean backward, right arrow to lean forward and space bar for nitro. Monster Truck Trials is categorized as a racing game but it is more of a training ground on how to do dangerous stunts.

Make the character feel the pain in Flakboy 2

Are you familiar with the flash game called Flakboy 2? It is ok if you don’t have any idea about it because this article will surely enrich you with information or details. It is a unique game because of two factors. One is because of the features it has that will surely amaze and entertain gamers around the world. Second factor is the objective or mission which is sort of not the usual goal such as defense and offense which you will eventually know after reading this article because you can find out more here. This flash game which is the sequel to Flakboy 1 is quite unique because of the objective that you will find out on the next paragraph.

As mentioned above, this game has a unique goal because the player will be putting a lot of pain towards Flakboy. It is all about causing great damage towards the boy. There are more weapons, levels and modes since this game is already the fourth edition or installment. See if Flakboy can survive the pain and damages that you will bring towards him. The success of the weapon test program will depend on your performance. Make sure that you will utilize everything to make the experiment work and become successful. Clicking here will give you some details but for further information, just go to its main website.



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