Prove your skills in Rich Cars 4

Rich Cars game series is about criminals driving vintage cars in a race. You will play as one of these criminals and get the chance to drive different vintage vehicles. In Rich Cars 4, you will get to drive more vintage cars in unusual roads with various types of ramps and paths. Prove your skills and show off your newly acquired vehicles. Select the game mode based on the challenge you like.


The Story Mode is where you find the primary objective and story of the game. In the Challenge Mode, you will have to complete the challenges to get achievements and bonuses. The achievements can be viewed in the Achievement Menu. And the third game mode is the Rich Mode where you are tasked to collect as many gems and riches as possible but only in a certain period of time. Know more in about this game in

Beat yourself in Monster Truck Trials

You will definitely enjoy the games of Monster Truck if you like racing games. And dare yourself to make dare devil stunts in Monster Truck Trials. Test your capabilities and see if you can do all the challenges given. See if you can set a new high score with every challenge. Worry not if you fall badly. Your monster truck will not be scratched at all for this vehicle is actually made for dangerous stunts and tumbling.

Monster Truck Trials (2)

Big foot cars are made strong; they would not easily break even when they fall down upside down. Use the arrow keys to drive; up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to reverse, left arrow to lean backward, right arrow to lean forward and space bar for nitro. Monster Truck Trials is categorized as a racing game but it is more of a training ground on how to do dangerous stunts.

Make the character feel the pain in Flakboy 2

Are you familiar with the flash game called Flakboy 2? It is ok if you don’t have any idea about it because this article will surely enrich you with information or details. It is a unique game because of two factors. One is because of the features it has that will surely amaze and entertain gamers around the world. Second factor is the objective or mission which is sort of not the usual goal such as defense and offense which you will eventually know after reading this article because you can find out more here. This flash game which is the sequel to Flakboy 1 is quite unique because of the objective that you will find out on the next paragraph.

As mentioned above, this game has a unique goal because the player will be putting a lot of pain towards Flakboy. It is all about causing great damage towards the boy. There are more weapons, levels and modes since this game is already the fourth edition or installment. See if Flakboy can survive the pain and damages that you will bring towards him. The success of the weapon test program will depend on your performance. Make sure that you will utilize everything to make the experiment work and become successful. Clicking here will give you some details but for further information, just go to its main website.


Have fun bombing in Bomb It 8

Did you have fun playing all the Bomb It game series and wishing there would still be more? The wait for the eighth sequel is over for Bomb It 8 is here. Another set of arena is waiting for you to have some fun and entertainment. Set how many enemies you wish to have; take note that the more enemies you include, the more challenging your game will be.

Bomb It 8 (2)

Choose the difficulty of your game from easy, normal or hard. Once again destroy as many enemies as you can while running for your life. Kill all the enemies and remove obstacles with your bomb. But make sure to move away from your bomb as well as your enemies’ bombs for you will die too in case these bombs hit you. Collect all the stars you can find so you can customize your avatar.

Once again escape in The Fog Fall 2

Do you feel the challenge of finding your way out in a situation? Then you will enjoy escape games like The Fog Fall 2. Like its prequel, once again escape from the post-apocalyptic warzone. Search for clues and items around the town, in the buildings, houses, barns, stores and whatever structures you see. Talk to the town people and help them, they might give you something that you need or will need later. But there is minimal interaction in this point and click game.

The Fog Fall 2

Part of your quest is to guess where to use what. It is your job to analyze items and speculate where or how to use them. You will find your inventory at the bottom screen of the game. To use an item, just tap on it then tap on the point where you intend to use it. The Fog Fall 2 is a challenging strategy puzzle game.

Do Another Small Favor and be different

Have you played A Small Favor? Here comes the sequel of that point and click puzzle game, Another Small Favor. This is an aftermath of Senator Lobe’s assassination. The game is about favor trading or doing a favor for someone who can do a favor for you too or give you something you need. Approach locales outside of the city for what you need, but do something first for them.

Another Small Favor

Your goal is to meet with Mr. Personality for a change in your Identification Card. It is not as easy as it looks. You need to analyze how you can obtain some of the things the locales are asking for. You would have to be patient going back and forth from one place to another. Another Small Favor is an addicting adventure puzzle game. And if you got stuck and cannot move on, there is a walkthrough available to read.

More challenges offered in Ricochet Kills 3

Are you a fan of the Ricochet Kills game series? Get ready for another pack of challenging levels in the physics based shooting game Ricochet Kills 3. The basics still remained behind the many changes that were made. And some new features were added too. Your aim is still the same; to kill all the targets. The falling platforms, rolling balls, exploding barrels and boxes remain.


There is now an added switch which when your bullet hits will open up a sealed area. But to hit that switch is an added challenge because of its placement. You are only given a certain number of bouncy bullets and with these you have to kill all the targets. As expected, the game gets harder as you level up. There is now Achievements in exchange of the Editor. Know more about this game and play for free at

Collect All the Swirlies in Fancy Pants 4

Fancy Pants is back in this fourth sequel, Fancy Pants 4. Both children and adults will once again enjoy this fast-paced adventure game where Fancy Pants will once again show off. Play as Fancy Pants and jump, slide, spin or roll over as you make your way to the end of each level. But do not forget to collect as many swirlies as you can to get the highest possible score.


Play the bonus rounds too so you can get more collectible items which will help you in leveling up in the game. But do not forget to avoid bad guys for once Fancy Pants die a third time, the game is over. Though you need not fret out, you can always go back to the last level where Fancy Pants last survived. Play Fancy Pants 4 and play it now for free.

A new Adventure in Run Ninja Run 4

Have you ever thought of your self becoming a ninja warrior? Do you think you have what it takes to be a ninja even for a day? Then stop the thinking and start playing Run Ninja Run 4! In this game, you are the fast running skillful ninja warrior who is out to fight against enemy ninjas in black. Do this while running through a course with various types of obstacles, jump and dock onto obstacles and collect as much coins in the process.


Controls are very easy and the graphics are way better compared to that of its earlier versions. Survive in the game for as long you can! Find out for yourself if you the hidden ninja skills in you. Click on to put those skills to the test! Tell your friends to play this game too and see who gets a better score.

Play and be challenged in Angel power racing

Angel power racing is categorized as a racing game with a car of your model of choice. Just get into your car and wait for the green signal. Prepare yourself when it says ‘ready’ then speed up your car when it says ‘start’. There are many obstacles and different vehicles along your way. Make sure to avoid collision in any ways with those obstacles and vehicles. When you crash in any of those obstacles, the fuel level of your car will be reduced.

Angel Power Racing (5)

Try to reach the checkpoints as fast as you can in order to move on to the higher level. Your fuel will top up a little every time you cross each checkpoint. You can also earn extra points by collecting coins in every level. Use your left and right arrow in moving your car and your space bar if you wish to jump. Drive safely.


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