Do Another Small Favor and be different

Have you played A Small Favor? Here comes the sequel of that point and click puzzle game, Another Small Favor. This is an aftermath of Senator Lobe’s assassination. The game is about favor trading or doing a favor for someone who can do a favor for you too or give you something you need. Approach locales outside of the city for what you need, but do something first for them.

Another Small Favor

Your goal is to meet with Mr. Personality for a change in your Identification Card. It is not as easy as it looks. You need to analyze how you can obtain some of the things the locales are asking for. You would have to be patient going back and forth from one place to another. Another Small Favor is an addicting adventure puzzle game. And if you got stuck and cannot move on, there is a walkthrough available to read.

More challenges offered in Ricochet Kills 3

Are you a fan of the Ricochet Kills game series? Get ready for another pack of challenging levels in the physics based shooting game Ricochet Kills 3. The basics still remained behind the many changes that were made. And some new features were added too. Your aim is still the same; to kill all the targets. The falling platforms, rolling balls, exploding barrels and boxes remain.


There is now an added switch which when your bullet hits will open up a sealed area. But to hit that switch is an added challenge because of its placement. You are only given a certain number of bouncy bullets and with these you have to kill all the targets. As expected, the game gets harder as you level up. There is now Achievements in exchange of the Editor. Know more about this game and play for free at

Collect All the Swirlies in Fancy Pants 4

Fancy Pants is back in this fourth sequel, Fancy Pants 4. Both children and adults will once again enjoy this fast-paced adventure game where Fancy Pants will once again show off. Play as Fancy Pants and jump, slide, spin or roll over as you make your way to the end of each level. But do not forget to collect as many swirlies as you can to get the highest possible score.


Play the bonus rounds too so you can get more collectible items which will help you in leveling up in the game. But do not forget to avoid bad guys for once Fancy Pants die a third time, the game is over. Though you need not fret out, you can always go back to the last level where Fancy Pants last survived. Play Fancy Pants 4 and play it now for free.

A new Adventure in Run Ninja Run 4

Have you ever thought of your self becoming a ninja warrior? Do you think you have what it takes to be a ninja even for a day? Then stop the thinking and start playing Run Ninja Run 4! In this game, you are the fast running skillful ninja warrior who is out to fight against enemy ninjas in black. Do this while running through a course with various types of obstacles, jump and dock onto obstacles and collect as much coins in the process.


Controls are very easy and the graphics are way better compared to that of its earlier versions. Survive in the game for as long you can! Find out for yourself if you the hidden ninja skills in you. Click on to put those skills to the test! Tell your friends to play this game too and see who gets a better score.

Play and be challenged in Angel power racing

Angel power racing is categorized as a racing game with a car of your model of choice. Just get into your car and wait for the green signal. Prepare yourself when it says ‘ready’ then speed up your car when it says ‘start’. There are many obstacles and different vehicles along your way. Make sure to avoid collision in any ways with those obstacles and vehicles. When you crash in any of those obstacles, the fuel level of your car will be reduced.

Angel Power Racing (5)

Try to reach the checkpoints as fast as you can in order to move on to the higher level. Your fuel will top up a little every time you cross each checkpoint. You can also earn extra points by collecting coins in every level. Use your left and right arrow in moving your car and your space bar if you wish to jump. Drive safely.

Scary Maze Game 2: A Bit Too Scary

Are you looking for a quick and fun game to kill the time while waiting for someone or something? Then try the Scary Maze Game 2, the sequel of the hit prank game Scary Maze 1. Not only does this game quick and fun but it is also challenging and well, rather scary when you get to the end of the game. In order to get there and see what makes this game scary, you first need to complete all five levels.

Its rather simple objective is to roll the ball over from the starting line to the finish line without it touching the walls. You can use only the mouse to move the ball, so with this in mind, you will need focus and a good steady hand to complete the task and see what’s in store for you at the end of the game. Try this game on Also consider to whom you want to share this game with because this is not recommended for everyone especially the children and the elderly.


My Dolphin Show 4: reach the top

Dolphin games fascinate many. It has different adaptations and uses flash player for convenient browser game that can load in any device. Such game is My Dolphin Show 4. It portrays the ocean park simulation that appeals to general audience. Also, you will be guided by a trainer as the show starts. Give it a try here:


You will notice the colorful stage design of the game. It has glittery corals and seaweeds that complement the blue oceanic background. In addition, it has enchanting and upbeat background that adds excitement to players. Compared to previous game version, you will notice that the lake’s width is shorter but the character can still perform high jumps. Next, the audience will rise up their hands in amazement and give scores with 3 as the lowest and 10 as the highest. My Dolphin Show 4 an artistic and awesome game!

Slide your way on Freestyle Snow Wheeling

Looking for a fantastic game that contains cars and snow? If yes, then you are on the right track because this article tackles a flash game with a combination of snow and car racing. The title is Freestyle Snow Wheeling. Usually, a snowboard or sleigh is the mode of transportation and movement in ice. But in this game, you are riding a normal car. However, doing such thing is not an easy peasy because the surface is ice instead of land. This flash game will surely be loved by many people because it is unique and exciting. To know more about it, just continue reading the next paragraph.

Freestyle Snow Wheeling (1)

The player’s task is to slide down the snowy mountain using a car. It is a tough task because a car is not the usual mode of movement and transportation on ice. That is not the only thing that you have to do. You should be able to complete certain crazy tricks while sliding down the slope. The harder stunts or tricks you perform, the higher score you will get.

Lead your team in Sniper Team 3

Do you want to be a sniper even in a virtual way? If your answer is a yes, then you are on the right article because it is all about a flash game entitled Sniper Team 3. This is a first-person shooter game that involves guns and targets. This is actually the third version from the highly entertaining game series entitled Sniper Team. For people who love guns and target shooting, this can be their favorite game.
To know more about this game, continue reading this whole content. If you are wondering what this game is all about, well, it involves shooting action using specific guns available in the game. The player’s main objective is to shoot and kill the enemy waves coming his or her way without hurting his or her own troops. This is a matter of timing and strategy on how to quickly eliminate the enemies. There are 20 levels that a player can conquer if he or she finds or searches for its main website and scan the homepage.


Train the duckling in Duck Life 6

Ducks are animals with feathers but are not able to fly that high. They are considered birds because they lay eggs too. These animals are very useful for humankind. It does not only serve as balancer in the ecosystem but also a good source of food such as meat and eggs. They are now being incorporated in different flash games like in the game series called Duck Life. This successful series has come up with its sixth version or edition in Duck Life 6. To start learning details about this game, feel free to read the content below. As mentioned earlier, a duckling is the main character in this game. As a player, you will have to train, raise, and develop the duckling into a champion duck. Train the duckling every day until it is ready to take a splash in certain competition in which there is a chance that it will be a great champion duck.

Duck Life 6 (1)


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