A great stylish game in Fashion Solitaire

A good game doesn’t only give entertainment but should have a unique thing that will make it standout among hundreds of flash game worldwide. Some focus on the content. Others focus on the objective. Most are spending their time more on the entertainment aspect. Another good quality is that it has a combined specific skills just like what you will read in this article. There are two things why this quality is very essential. One is because it can symbolize uniqueness amongst a variety of games. Second is because it is double the fun and double the excitement.
The title of the flash game with a combination of two things is Fashion Solitaire. The two combined things in this game are solitaire and fashion. As most of us know, solitaire is a kind of card game while fashion is all about styling and dress up. When you combine this two, you will get Fashion Solitaire. The player’s objective is to play solitaire first and then create certain styles and outfits in 48 levels.


The emerging flash game series in Duck Life Games

Are you fascinated with ducks? Do you find yourself being so attached to them as your own pet? If you are affirmative on these questions, there is a good treat for all of you. There is a flash game series called Duck Life Games. This game is about racing a duck to be a champion or highly-skilled duck. The story of this flash game series began when a farmer lost everything in his farm due to the tornado and has only left him with a single duck. To rebuild his farm, he must raise and train the duck to be a champion duck and join tournaments and championship games. There are seven current Duck Life Games that people are really appreciating and you will find out more about them if you continue reading this content.
The current games are Duck Life, Duck Life 2 up to 7. This is why a series is better than a regular game because there is a continuity and progress as well as something to look forward to by the players. This is a nice one game series that many people will surely like.

Duck Life games (2)

Shoot enemies in Ricochet Kills 2

A gun is a shooting weapon which has many purpose. It can be a weapon by a policeman whenever there is an evildoer and the circumstance is very intense. It can be a part of collection by an individual who has the license to do so. It can also be used target shooting as a hobby. There are many ways a person can utilize a gun. This scenario has been taken advantage of by the game creators when they include guns in the features of their games. One great example of a flash game that involves a gun is Ricochet Kills 2.
In this game, a player has to shoot or kill his or her opponent who are not moving in least possible shots or attempts. The player will have to be strategic on how he or she can kill the enemies in just few shots. The player can make a ricochet effect by shooting at a box full of bombs which will surely explode and take casualty. You can also shoot an object which you think will divert the shot and will go towards the enemies. Ricochet Kills 2 is a game of skills and precision which can be found at www.ricochetkills2.com


Build shelters in Island Tribe 2

Games that involve constructing and building establishments are very worthy games because of three reasons. First reason is because they enable individuals to unleash their skills in building a certain establisment or building. Second reason is that they enable individuals to have a sense of achieving certain goals which they can use in real life. Last reason is because they give entertainment in which most of us are stress from work and other stuffs and we want to find the perfect medium to unwind and relax our mind through these games. One excellent example is the flash game called Island Tribe 2.
This is the second serving from the game series called Island Tribe. The story from the first edition is that the settlers are able to survive the wrath of the volcano. Unfortunately, they are homeless and must find another new home. That’s why they travel from land to seas and met a lonely explorer. They help him and in return, the explorer shares a secret map where they can find golds and other treasures as well as new home. The player must help the settlers survive different challenges and obstacles on their adventure as well as collect resources for building their new houses. Island Tribe 2 is a perfect building game which suits individuals who like this kind of stuff.

island tribe 2

Survive Zombie Hordes in Earn to Die 4

Earn to Die series has been giving gamers editions to look forward to. There are three reasons why this series is addicting. First, it involves Zombies, which have been getting moviegoers and players thrilled, scared and excited. Second is because it is about survival where one needs to be alive throughout the game. Last is because it enables players to be heroic even virtually. Earn to Die series is now on its fourth edition in Earn to Die 4. The objective of the game is to survive the hordes of zombies by crashing and smashing them. The story of this fourth installment is that the survivor thought that he has survived the apocalypse little he didn’t know that the airplane he is boarding on is surrounded by zombies.
Now, he must survive the run using three types of vehicles such as 4-door sedan, station wagon and the muscle car. The money that you will be able to earn can be used in upgrading the vehicles. Don’t let the zombie eat you and turned you into like one. To know more about Earn to Die 4, just visit the link.

Earn To Die 4

Play as a Marksman in Sniper Games

Are you familiar with Armor games? Do you know how these games work? Are you aware of the controls of these games? If your answer to the questions is on a negative note, don’t be sad because after reading this article, you will be able to have an idea about armor games and an example of it. Armor games are games that mainly uses a specific type of weapon or weapons in the entire game. It can be a sword, gun, bat, stick, knife or other weapons of destruction and fear. There are great examples of Sniper Games here www.sniperteam3.com/sniper-games.
These games are all about sniper and marksmen. The rule of the game is very easy to understand which is to observe, infiltrate and destroy enemy troops and base from a far distance before the opponents are able to locate your exact point of existence and kill you before you kill them. This requires precision, sense of direction and a good eye to target enemies and their base.

sniper games

Join the fishing madness in Fishing Craze

If you don’t have the time to go out on a fishing trip yet the need to go on one is strong, then maybe a gaming alternative can scratch that itch. Fishing Craze is here to help you somewhat fulfill your fishing needs with an awesome game. Test your fishing skills with Fishing Craze and see if you can be the best fisher in town! Get the chance to fish in many awesome places like Bullhorn Lake, Golden Corn Lake and many other amazing places. With plenty of fishers challenging you, you will surely have your hands full with this game.
No other game can you superb fishing experience like this game can. With super easy controls and super fun challenges, Fishing Craze proves to be one of the best fishing games out there. Bring out the fisher in you and play this game now!

Fishing Craze

Change settings of Plazma Burst 3

Another action packed game is here to get you addicted to shooting games once more. The futuristic graphics of this game will surely put you in awe. The sound effects and visuals of this game are hi-tech. It will definitely get you in the mood for a fighting game.
You can customize the looks of your character. Change its battlesuit, head color, body color, arm color, and leg color. You can also choose form lots of different kinds of equipment and weapons. You can even change its settings according to your preference. Show hints and tooltips, display in high or low quality or change the camera movement from slow to fast. You can even take out the violence scenes by setting the violence mode to no. All these features are available in the menu option. However, if you want to learn more about this game, you can visit this helpful site and start playing Plazma Burst 3.

Plazma Burst 3

Play How to Raise a Dragon

This How to Raise a Dragon game is very exciting! You will know how to raise and train a dragon. This majestic and powerful creature can be your pet in this game. At the beginning of this game, you will see an egg of a dragon. You need to press Z repeatedly to see the egg hatch. Then once you see your hatchling, you are now ready to raise and train your dragon.
You can use left and right arrow keys to move. Your Z key will be a valuable control in this game. You can use it to jump; arrow down plus Z can make your dragon jump to a lower platform. You can also use this to exit on journals, while X key is use to bite things to gain abilities and C to breath. Remember that once your dragon is old enough, they can have special breath abilities and can even fly. So adopt your dragon now and start taking care of them as a pet!

How to Raise a Dragon

Exciting Scary Maze Game

Looking for a game that has scary scenes and also can provide you a fun related to mazes? Well, Scary Maze Game can be your best choice to play and enjoy. The major things that make this game more different from other online games are three, quality, video, and sound. Yes, its quality is amazing, its sounds effects are mind blowing, and its video effect can make you crazy. Once you start it, you will feel difficulty in closing it without completing successfully.
I don’t say it will keep you excited from the beginning to the ending point, I am sorry, but you will feel that the game is very boring when you start it for the first time, but as long as you go ahead in this game, the interesting levels and feature will unlock and then you will be surprised.

Scary Maze Game


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