Slide your way on Freestyle Snow Wheeling

Looking for a fantastic game that contains cars and snow? If yes, then you are on the right track because this article tackles a flash game with a combination of snow and car racing. The title is Freestyle Snow Wheeling. Usually, a snowboard or sleigh is the mode of transportation and movement in ice. But in this game, you are riding a normal car. However, doing such thing is not an easy peasy because the surface is ice instead of land. This flash game will surely be loved by many people because it is unique and exciting. To know more about it, just continue reading the next paragraph.

Freestyle Snow Wheeling (1)

The player’s task is to slide down the snowy mountain using a car. It is a tough task because a car is not the usual mode of movement and transportation on ice. That is not the only thing that you have to do. You should be able to complete certain crazy tricks while sliding down the slope. The harder stunts or tricks you perform, the higher score you will get.

Lead your team in Sniper Team 3

Do you want to be a sniper even in a virtual way? If your answer is a yes, then you are on the right article because it is all about a flash game entitled Sniper Team 3. This is a first-person shooter game that involves guns and targets. This is actually the third version from the highly entertaining game series entitled Sniper Team. For people who love guns and target shooting, this can be their favorite game.
To know more about this game, continue reading this whole content. If you are wondering what this game is all about, well, it involves shooting action using specific guns available in the game. The player’s main objective is to shoot and kill the enemy waves coming his or her way without hurting his or her own troops. This is a matter of timing and strategy on how to quickly eliminate the enemies. There are 20 levels that a player can conquer if he or she finds or searches for its main website and scan the homepage.


Train the duckling in Duck Life 6

Ducks are animals with feathers but are not able to fly that high. They are considered birds because they lay eggs too. These animals are very useful for humankind. It does not only serve as balancer in the ecosystem but also a good source of food such as meat and eggs. They are now being incorporated in different flash games like in the game series called Duck Life. This successful series has come up with its sixth version or edition in Duck Life 6. To start learning details about this game, feel free to read the content below. As mentioned earlier, a duckling is the main character in this game. As a player, you will have to train, raise, and develop the duckling into a champion duck. Train the duckling every day until it is ready to take a splash in certain competition in which there is a chance that it will be a great champion duck.

Duck Life 6 (1)

NY Cab Drive: Drive Through NY City Streets!

Do you like parking games? If you do, NY Cab Drive is the game for you! But this is not just a regular parking game. You are a cab driver, and you need to drive your clients to their destination. You will be driving through the streets of New York City. Arrow will show you where you need to go and where to park. To move your car you will use your arrow keys. It is simple. There are 8 levels for you to complete. At each level there will be a different task. You will be driving through streets and intersections, paying attention not to hit other cars. When you pick up a passenger and drive him to his destination, your mission will be completed successfully. But you also need to be fast because you have a time limit to complete the mission. And be careful not to damage your cab!


Battle of Gun Mayhem 4!!

The shooting Gun Mayhem 4 is a popular online flash game. This new version will provide many new features and weapons. Hope this gonna give the shooting lovers more enjoyment. So get ready for the battle!!
Your principle is to fight with opponents by using different kinds of weapons that are available. The game can be played as a single player. If you choose single player, you will need to fight with many other opponents and if you chose multiple players then you can play with your other friend. Choice is yours. You will get the chance of customizing the look of the players. The stages will have different kinds of theme. Your opponent will shoot you in a tricky way so always get prepared and fast to kill them. The places where you will stand are very slippery, so be careful otherwise you will fall down. There will be a life bar to measure your lives.


Help The Cat Find The Kittens In Kitty Kingdom

If you like cats, Kitty Kingdom is waiting for you to try it out. Your hero is sweet little cat. She needs to find all the kittens and return them to the castle. This is a platform game and your cat needs to jump from wall to wall and pick up the kittens. There will be some moving objects to help her on her way. There also be some obstacles she will need to overcome. Background of the game is amazing. Music following the game is very nice and cartoonish. You will have a feeling like you are in some cartoon.
Cats fans will enjoy this game! At the beginning of the game you can choose your cat. You can choose between Mimmy and Luca. Read their description and pick one. With every level finished you will be one step closer to the castle. Play and enjoy this nice game!


Into Space Cheats Are To Make The Game Easier

If you have never tried playing these series of games, you may find it quite difficult. Actually those games seem very fun, but they are not so easy to play. Try and enjoy this game at
Into Space Cheats can make a game a little bit easier to play. There are a lot of cheats on the internet that can help you progress in the game. So all you need is do a little research. One of the most important hacks is to have enough money so you can buy whatever you need to upgrade your space vehicle. There is also an infinite fuel hack. Lack of fuel can be a great obstacle during playing this game. So with the infinite fuel you can get to your target faster with no delay. There is also some free upgrades to be found. This is very useful if you can’t collect enough money to buy some stuff that you need.

Into Space Cheats (2)

Ricochet Kills 3: Get Ready For More Challenge

In Ricochet Kills 3 the character, targets and the graphics are the same as in the previous sequel. But there are some differences concerning the game. There is also a lot of blood, violence, and rolling balls, boxes and exploding barrels remain the same. One of the innovations is the switch, and when you shoot it you open some areas. Those switches can be very difficult to shoot because they are placed at some odd places.
This can be a real challenge, because you have to aim very well since you have a certain number of bullets available. A good thing about this sequel is that you can reload your gun when you run out of bullets, without having to reset the game. Instead of that, all the targets you shot will revive, but that’s better than restarting the whole game. This game doesn’t offer just fun, it tests your brain!


A great stylish game in Fashion Solitaire

A good game doesn’t only give entertainment but should have a unique thing that will make it standout among hundreds of flash game worldwide. Some focus on the content. Others focus on the objective. Most are spending their time more on the entertainment aspect. Another good quality is that it has a combined specific skills just like what you will read in this article. There are two things why this quality is very essential. One is because it can symbolize uniqueness amongst a variety of games. Second is because it is double the fun and double the excitement.
The title of the flash game with a combination of two things is Fashion Solitaire. The two combined things in this game are solitaire and fashion. As most of us know, solitaire is a kind of card game while fashion is all about styling and dress up. When you combine this two, you will get Fashion Solitaire. The player’s objective is to play solitaire first and then create certain styles and outfits in 48 levels.


The emerging flash game series in Duck Life Games

Are you fascinated with ducks? Do you find yourself being so attached to them as your own pet? If you are affirmative on these questions, there is a good treat for all of you. There is a flash game series called Duck Life Games. This game is about racing a duck to be a champion or highly-skilled duck. The story of this flash game series began when a farmer lost everything in his farm due to the tornado and has only left him with a single duck. To rebuild his farm, he must raise and train the duck to be a champion duck and join tournaments and championship games. There are seven current Duck Life Games that people are really appreciating and you will find out more about them if you continue reading this content.
The current games are Duck Life, Duck Life 2 up to 7. This is why a series is better than a regular game because there is a continuity and progress as well as something to look forward to by the players. This is a nice one game series that many people will surely like.

Duck Life games (2)


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