Save the kidnapped person in MORT the Sniper 2

Enjoy this 2nd version as I am sure you will like it because as far as I know many people liked its first version and that was played thousands of times in a few days. In this 2nd installment, you are going to fight against evil creatures. Fighting is important in this game, but most important thing that must be kept in mind is how can you remain yourself safe from your enemies.
You will find many links that are created just to teach the players how to play. If the mission that you started, fails to complete, you have to start it again. Start from the point you have left and you have no need to reload the full game again. One of your missions is retrieving the kidnapped person also, which is very important to you.

MORT the Sniper 2

Shoot carefully in apple shooter

The game apple shooter is a dream of every online gamer and every player is willing to play it. In this game, you have to shoot an apple placed on your friend’s head and you must shoot without giving too many scratches on the head of that friends.The game looks like a job of a real marksman. Play the game and your dream will become real after trying it. Visit its official site to find more games. You can play it in your free time to enjoy much fun even it’s very simple.
You will need one thing to control the game and that is your mouse. Make sure to be careful when you shoot, because if any mistake occurs by you, it will lead your friends to be labeled as the Worlds Words Friend instead of the best friend.

apple shooter

Play with others in Platform Racing 3

Looking to play with your friends because you and your friends like racing games? Platform Racing 3 is for you. The game provides you to show your racing skills so try to beat the friends. The controls that can be used to play this game, are D, A, W, S, Right arrow, left arrow, Up arrow and the Down arrow. These all controls can be used to move the character and jump. Make sure to read an article on how to use the controls by visiting this site
If you are interested in playing using the multi-player mode, try it, where you will find three versions, so choose one of them that suits you and your friends.

Platform Racing 3 (3)

Jump higher in Icy Tower Online

Do you want to show your skills? Icy Tower Online is a game where you can display and show the skills you have to your friends and family. This game was published on 6th of Jan, 2012. The game has been viewed and played over 7000 times and has gained rating of 80% after over 70 votes.
You will need to help the Harold and jump as high up as you can, so make sure to jump perfectly along the way so that way you can activate the combo mode and also it will help you score higher. You can compete with friends and unlock new towers. A great chance to earn a lot of trophies and high valued coins.
Icy Tower Online

Learn how to play Strike Force Heroes walkthrough

There are many levels in Strike Force Heroes walkthrough. The first level consists of a character of the medic, which will have to perform. This first level is quite easy where you will need to complete 15 skills before you finish it. Don’t worry, you will be given a teammate, that has the ability to use the skills in the higher levels. If you want to know how many level this game has, and what are those, please click this link to get all information.

The 2nd level is Rebellion. Once you have reached this level, you will find yourself placed and located in a village. You will see a lot of deaths of your soldiers that would be used to complete the mission. This level is also an easier level, but a bit harder than first.

Pinata Hunter 2 for More Fun

The Pinata Hunter is back and this time its back with even more fun and a very exciting game play. The second edition of this game, Pinata Hunter 2, is created with the same concept, and all one needs to do is move your mouse repeatedly over one single target.
The main objective of this game is to beat pinata to the smithereens and collect all the money and don’t forget to keep a watch on your health meter. You must collect the candy in order to keep your health meter upgraded at all times. This game is very simple and fun to play in your free time. The game play is pretty much the same and the graphics are also good. Destroying and beating the pinata takes a lot of your time and the selection of the creatures is also not bad. You can destroy the creature with the help of colorful streamers. Pinata Hunter 2is very exciting to play and can be one of your favorites.

The farm frenzy

Farm frenzy is a series of downloadable flash games for your PC. The main goal in a farm frenzy game is to raise the animals and help them to process all the goods they produce and at last sell all the products for money. For raising the animals the player must water the grass regularly which the animals have to eat. There is a well which has a limited capacity to supply water and costs money to refill it again and again. In Farm Frenzy, once a player buys an animal, the animal will start eating the grass and producing goods which the player has to pick up. Be careful of the predators such as bears which may appear on the farm. You must cage the bears quickly by clicking on them, otherwise the predators will toss all the animals off the farm and destroy the goods produced by them.

Scary Needle Game-Test Your Nerve

There are lots of online games are available and one is complete different from another. Here, you are going to know about a game with simple concept but again this game can keep you busy for a long time. This game is called Scary Needle Game. The game is as interesting as its name is.
In the beginning of the game a screen will appear with a photo frame and you have to continue the game. After reading the instructions you are ready to go. You will find hands which are shaking badly and there will be needle in one hand. You will also find a thread on other hand. Yes, you got right; you need to guide the thread towards the needle. When you will pass level one, you will find the next level more challenging. Here, you will find the bubbles which are going to come on your way. Without popping the bubble, you have to win the game.


Feudalism 3-A Battle Game

Feudalism 3 is a very action packed thrilling game in In this new sequel there are some changes in graphics and stories. The new game offers great exciting fights and therefore became a famous game. This new game is a combination of action and excitement.
The game begins by choosing a type of warrior from 5 different types of warrior. Each warrior ahs different skills and different types of weapons. By selecting one warrior you have to conquer the world by fighting against your enemies. While fighting your experience will be increased and your moves will develop as well as your weapons. You have to upgrade your moves to face the increased wave of enemies. After finishing all of your enemies you will be forwarded to next level. By this you will reach to the end. Have fun playing this conquering game. The story mode is very exciting. You can play this amazing game free in internet.


Agent Platformer-Jump Properly

Agent Platformer is a great game which can give you attracting time and you will have excellent by playing this amazing game. You can play this game online whenever you like and you will get very good time.
Agent Platformer is the game where your aim is to make your character make jumped and you will have to take it to the destination. The game has amazing graphics and when you will play it you will get fun. The game is a free one to play and it will help you to pass some nice time. This game has excellent graphics and when you will play it you will have great time. The game is a free one to play and when you will play it you will have lots of fun from it. This game is consists of great quality and you will have fun. It is free for 24/7 and whenever you like you can play it.



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